Nortel Products

Isn't Nortel out of business? Hasn't it's business systems division been purchased by Avaya?
Yes and yes
 but there are still lots of high quality Nortel Systems operating and even lots of new equipment still available. Many of our customers use these high quality systems and will for many years to come. We service these systems regularly and install new and refurbished components when it best serves our customer's needs. We also sell new BCM systems. This is why we devote a separate page on our website to Nortel products even though most of our new sales are Avaya systems. We show images of Nortel M-Series phones below because they are still available and many of our customers use them. We have made user guides available for these phones by creating a link in the phone model. Click on the phone model to see the user guide for that phone. The Nortel T-Series phones shown in the images below are equivalent to the Avaya 7000-Series and will work on the Avaya IP-Office system.

T7316E Telephone Set
  • 2 line x 16 character LCD tiltable display
  • 24 fully programmable buttons (16 support LCD indicators)
  • Integrated headset interface
  • Message waiting indicator/Visual ringing lamp
  • 3 display soft keys
  • Hold, release, active handsfree, and feature button

T7208 Telephone Set
  • 1 line x 16 character LCD tiltable display
  • 8 fully programmable buttons with LCD indicators
  • Integrated headset interface
  • Message waiting indicator/Visual ringing lamp
  • Hold, release, and feature button

T7100 Telephone Set

  • Single-line telephone
  • 16-character LCD window provides viewable date, time, and caller information
  • One programmable memory button provides access to any department or person
  • Tilt-display with integrated Visual Ring/Message Waiting Indicator enables optimum viewing

T7406e Cordless Handset with Base Station
  • 6 indicator keys that can be programmed as line, feature, or one-touch dialing
  • 3-line x 16 character display shows call information, caller ID, and handset status icons
  • Fixed features include hold, features, release, and volume control
  • Hands free speakerphone and headset port
  • Call Hold/Message Waiting indicator
  • Includes base station